18. 01. 2024

Capitalizing on Fresh Insights: Lukáš Zdražil’s Expertise from Germany in the Materials-Envi Lab

A new scientific addition to the Materials-Envi Lab is the physical chemist Lukáš Zdražil, who joined the post-doctoral research position in January. At the new workplace, he will use, among other things, the invaluable experience he gained at the University of Erlangen–Nuremberg, Germany.

Lukáš Zdražil, a holder of a doctoral degree from Palacký University, will focus on artificial photosynthesis in a group led by Radek Zbořil. “It is a process that mimics the natural photosynthesis of plants in order to transform sunlight into high-energy chemical compounds. It is crucial for the development of sustainable and renewable energy sources as it allows the efficient use of solar energy for the production of fuels such as hydrogen,” said Zdražil.

The scientist completed his doctoral studies at Palacký University in 2022. During his internship at the University of Erlangen–Nuremberg, Germany, he worked in the laboratory of Professor Patrik Schmuki and was involved in the development of a lead-free luminescent concentrator as part of a project supported by the Palacký University Endowment Fund. In 2023, he became a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy under Professor Dirk Guldi, where he was involved in the research of carbon-based photoluminescent materials and their applications in photocatalysis.

As part of my research at the Materials-Envi Lab, I intend to capitalize upon the experience gained in Germany and use photoluminescent carbon dots, which are cheap and environmentally friendly photocatalysts,” added Zdražil.