16. 05. 2024

Results overview and quick information exchange – this was the character of the REFRESH workshop

The first joint workshop of research programme leaders from VSB-TUO and the University of Ostrava, as well as other members of the project team or representatives of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center, was organised on Tuesday by the REFRESH project team. In addition to the need to acquaint researchers with the up-to-date overview of the project, which was the content of the recently submitted first implementation report, the meeting also aimed at exchanging information across living labs and research programmes.

The REFRESH team, VSB-TUO’s most extensive project to date, now includes over 400 team members. There are currently 23 research programmes running within the so-called living labs. Therefore, the workshop organisers opted for a speed dating format for building mutual contacts and exchanging information.

“The decision to choose a speed dating format presented a slight challenge, but it proved to be the best way to facilitate connections among over 40 participants. Everyone collaborated exceptionally well, and stopping discussions and rearranging participants at nine tables were more difficult than anticipated. I am very pleased with how the meeting turned out, and I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation,” stated Igor Ivan, the REFRESH director.

As mentioned at the meeting, REFRESH is one of the first projects to submit a report on the implementation of the Just Transformation Operational Programme and is now awaiting the decision of the State Environmental Fund. One of the closely monitored key indicators is the recruitment of new excellent researchers, including top international researchers. So far, 19 of them have been involved in the research programmes. In total, over 80 new researchers are currently engaged in the project, and this figure continues to grow due to several ongoing selection procedures. The meeting also included discussions on promoting efficient communication, project presentation, and penalties for failing to meet obligations.