04. 04. 2024

Associate Professor Mazin Abed Mohammed at the FEECS in the framework of the REFRESH project

Within the strategic project REFRESH, Associate Professor Mazin Abed Mohammed works at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VŠB-TU Ostrava, specifically in the Industry 4.0 & Automotive Lab.

He came to Ostrava from his home University of Anbar via Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, where he completed his PhD studies. He also worked at the prestigious University of Deusto in Spain as part of the eVIDA Laboratory. He is currently involved in activities within the newly established Intelligent Sensing and Advanced Signal Processing Laboratory under the leadership of Associate Dean Radek Martink, which will be part of the Industry 4.0 & Automotive Lab.

“Thanks to the activities of the living lab, our region will become a national leader for sustainable generation of professional capacities and provision of R&D services for area-based industrial digitalization in the environment of production design, manufacturing process with elements of Industry 4.0 and robotics, warehousing and transportation and last but not least administration. As well as for the field of automation in public transport with solutions for infostructure innovation for connected, autonomous and cooperative mobility and the application of new high-speed communication means,” says Petr Šimoník, Scientific Director of Industry 4.0 & Automotive Lab.

Associate Professor Mazin is involved as an excellent foreign specialist, which is one of the key indicators of the REFRESH project. „Mazin for more than a year. We are actively collaborating in Machine Learning, Edge/Fog Computing, Blockchain, Biomedical computing, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Signal Processing methods, etc. The use of these progressive technologies can be found in various application areas, which we have been working on for a long time as part of our research activities, e.g. in biomedicine, industry, telecommunications, automotive, etc.,” adds Vice Dean Martinek.

Associate Professor Mazin currently has an h-index of 38 according to the Web of Science database, has 8 Highly Cited Papers and has significantly advanced his research in the last two years. The REFRESH project will produce a number of unique datasets. Associate Professor Mazin’s team will apply advanced methods such as hybrid machine learning etc. to these data.

“I was impressed by the infrastructure of the FEECS. I have been to many prestigious universities around the world and I must admit that the scientific facilities of the FEECS are of the highest world level. In my opinion, it is a great platform to connect research teams from all over the world in a unique multidisciplinary research.” says Mazin. “I really like the idea of living labs, which was introduced to me during the discussions about the REFERSH project. I can confirm that this concept is very popular abroad. Within the Industry 4.0 & Automotive Lab concept, I see resources for IoT sensors, machine learning applications, blockchain technologies, application of advanced signal processing methods, etc. everywhere. I was very impressed by the TL3 building, where there is a real production line, mobility lab, etc. In my opinion, there is a great combination of cybernetics/informatics and electrical engineering. We are already making arrangements to use the data from these unique platforms for research. I also really like the projects that Prof. Martink’s team is working on with the University Hospital, which is close to the FEECS.” he adds in the end.

Mazin’s team is developing a number of unique methods and the FEECS has the ability to apply and verify them in a real-world environment. The common vision is to use unique datasets that will be created within the concept of the Laboratory of Intelligent Sensing and Advanced Signal Processing Methods – these will be data from industry towards predictive maintenance, biomedical data – e.g. monitoring of workers or drivers, data from automotive systems, data from intelligent buildings, etc.

„We are extremely proud to be able to push the boundaries of research and development at our faculty in collaboration with Associate Professor Mazin Abed Mohammed,” says FEECS Dean Prof. Jan Platoš, „his arrival at our faculty within the REFRESH project is a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence in science and research.”

Associate Professor Mazin will bring not only his exceptional expertise and international experience to the research environment at FEECS, but also new perspectives and methodologies. „His approach and vision will greatly enrich our scientific community and open new avenues for innovation and applications. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration and are full of anticipation of the results we will achieve together. It is an inspiring journey that not only shares knowledge but also creates new opportunities for future generations of scientists and engineers.” adds dean Prof. Jan Platoš.